Meena is a luxury brand offering seasonless collections that can be worn all year round. Meticulous tailoring, modern structure and high quality fabrics are combined to create a distinct characteristic. The perfectly crafted pieces are elegant, contemporary and powerfully chic; emblematic of the woman inspired by Meena. 


Founded by Yasmin Megerisi, Meena is committed to giving a powerful voice to women, one to inspire, empower and bring them together under the brand’s motto ‘United by Design”. 

Meena presents exquisite pieces that are ready-to- wear yet have the workmanship, service and attention to detail that one expects from made-to-measure couture. Elegantly edgy pieces that can be worn all year round, combined with smaller complementary pieces presented three times a year. These lines portrays the three key messages; strength, love and unity, that are the starting inspiration for every meena design and are embedded in each piece. 

The Meena 2016 collection defines the brand DNA; strong lines and sharp precise tailoring enhanced by soft draping fabrics such as silk, crepe, chiffon and leather.


Every Meena piece features a signature motif of empowering and inspiring words – strength, love and unity – intricately inscribed in the elegance and grace of the Arabic script. 

Illustrated by Saudi artist Mr Majid Alyousef, the calligraphy motif is to be found within the lining of each piece, and is the basis of the design for the laser cut leather pieces and the accessories. The use of calligraphy and its subtle messaging is to inspire and empower women and represents both the outer strength and the inner beauty of the Meena woman.