Introducing the Celestial Collection

Celestial Style


We are really excited to present to you our Celestial collection.  Taking inspiration from the wonder of female superheroes, Celestial celebrates the multi-faceted nature of the modern woman. Featuring sharply tailored jackets, silhouette-enhancing jumpsuits and dresses and floor-sweeping skirts, each piece makes a bold style statement that is strikingly elegant and strong. 

Regal capes, flowing silks and buttery leathers portray the softer, feminine side of us, while the dramatically contrasting gold metal bodices and collars highlight our formidable inner strength. Celestial represents our internal dichotomy – the mother, the sister, the daughter, the wife versus the warrior, the fighter, the heroine, the diva.

This is a collection that will bring out the superhero in us all.  


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