Discover Attributes

Discover Attributes: Strength, Love and Unity


Here at Meena we are committed to creating unique and inspiring pieces. This week, we are inviting you to meet Attributes; three design assemblage created to complement the main Celestial and Sub-Zero collections.  Presented under the empowering characteristics of Strength, Love and Unity, The Attributes will be introduced to our Meena clients throughout the year to offer you complementary pieces that are on trend.  

Each Attribute is characterised by a distinct design element and story with the signature calligraphy motif of Strength, Love or Unity printed in Arabic on the silk lining. 


Strength represents sharp tailoring, structured fabrics and formal contemporary pieces to carry you from day to night;


Love features softer lines and lighter fabrics for easy-to-wear pieces encapsulating off-duty day time chic; 


Unity presents luxurious flowing fabrics combined with extravagant design details for evening-wear.


Next week we will be giving you an exclusive glimpse of the Love Attribute line with a behind-the-scenes preview of our captivating shoot.

We look forward to sharing the Love!


United by design,