The New Attribute: Love 




Following on from last week’s post introducing you to our unique concept of Attributes, we are delighted to present our newest attribute; Love.


The Love line is inspired by the paradox of tough versus delicate.  Exploring the juxtaposition of fluid silky fabrics against contradictory leather, the collection draws on the idea of masculine femininity in modern dressing. Directional pieces dictate in the floor-length gowns, floral silk prints and ombré chiffon while the subtle androgyny of the leather designs offer bold but easy-to-wear pieces.


Exclusive prints seen throughout the collection featuring vivid blues, soft yellows and vibrant reds, reminiscent of the southern costs of Italy, that lends a lighter feel to the edginess of the designs. 

Styled with strong accessories, slicked back hair and assertive make-up, the Love collection makes for a stunning concept that is striking, elegant and bold. 




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