Meena- Empowering Women

As part of our Meena Journal, we want to regularly share with you the exciting journey that we have travelled over the past year and the road that we continue to travel.  It has been a journey of hard work, laughter and at times, extreme frustration but we are proud and excited about what we have achieved.  

Our mission is to be more than a luxury brand but one with an altruistic spirit, a fundamental determination to inspire and empower women; a global symbol of unity. We are committed to giving a powerful voice to women, to inspire, empower and bring you together under our motto ‘United by Design’.  

We aim to do this with our prêt-a-couture, season-less capsule collection that combines unique cultural design influences, fabrics and art inspired by a woman’s ambitious and multifaceted nature.  Each perfectly crafted piece has the workmanship and detail that you would expect from made-to-measure couture and are elegant, contemporary and powerfully chic; emblematic of the women inspired by Meena.   

We also aim to do this with our commitment to the community through our plans of partnering with NGOs and foundations that support education for women and girls.  With a devoted and highly-skilled team of behind-the-scenes experts all dedicated to our vision, we know that here at Meena, we will make a difference.  
We hope that you will be part of that difference and continue to join us on our exciting journey. 


United by design,