Welcome to Amazonia

Amazonia collection 2017

Welcome.......To Amazonia

Release your hidden warrior with our new Amazonia collection.


Celebrating the female form in all its strength and beauty, the Amazonia collection 
is inspired by the legend of the Amazonian tribal women deemed the toughest female warriors to ever exist.  


We like to think of our Meena women as the modern-day Amazon; empowered, strong and fearless, and the Amazonia collection features fitted and daring designs of warrior-worthy status.  


With cocktail dresses, jumpsuits and Jackets, we continue to play with a mix of contrasting fabrics such as leather, metals, mesh and gazar against silk crepe, chiffon and cady. These fabrics have come to represent the attributes of the Meena woman; tough and elegant, bold and feminine and serve to represent her multi-faceted spirit.  

Stronger, braver and statement-making, we see this collection as a contemporary armour for the modern warrior woman. Now that’s what we call fierce!


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